What is PQLS?

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What is PQLS?

PQLS or Precision Quartz Lock System is an anti-jitter technology typically applied to digital music. Jitter is what happens when a particular audio signal encounters some form of interruption thereby causing a disturbance and/or a deviation. When this condition happens, a jitter occurs which also decreases the quality of the said audio signal. Through the PQLS technology, audio signal jitter is reduced or eliminated resulting to a better sound with higher quality.

It is said that jitter typically occurs when playing generic and standard compact discs using an audio connection that is digital. Just like any other signal, a deviation or interference from the supposed and normal path is an unwanted occurrence and this generally happens in electronic and/or telecommunications signals including audio signals. In the case of video signals, jitters are noticeable through flickers in the monitor or display device. In terms of electronic and computer signals, jitters interrupt the normal efficiency of the computer chip or processor which may or may not result to any damage on computer files. As for audio signals, jitters also produced undesired effects. But when PQLS is applied, much of the signal deviation is reduced and thereby produces better sound or audio quality. But this high-quality sound will only be possible if both the source of the audio file and the receiver or player are able to support the PQLS technology.

PQLS technology also works to improve the listening experience of people who have their old CDs of favourite artists. Pairing these old CDs with latest Blu-Ray disc players may not give the best quality sound one can have. But since PQLS eliminates the jitter in this instance, audio is delivered with better quality. PQLS does all the jitter clean-up by means of reducing the interference caused by timing errors which is a common occurrence when one is using an HDMI cable. For those who can appreciate real, good, clean, and high-quality audio, having gadgets and devices equipped with PQLS technology is a good choice and a great investment.

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