What is Power Yoga?

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What is Power Yoga?
Power yoga is the expression used to refer to a dynamic approach used for fitness and health mainly based on the style of Vinyasa yoga specifically the Ashtanga application. This expression was basically made popular in the middle of the 1990s. The main purpose of coining this term is for yoga teachers to make the Ashtanga type of practice more readily and easily reachable especially to students from the western world.

The difference between the original Ashtanga yoga with this type of practice is that it is not very stringent especially in following the set or series of required movements. Therefore, it is mainly very flexible and versatile and whatever would be the next poses for the next class could widely vary from the other. The only common denominator that these two fitness-based practices have is the aim and focus put on the flexibility and strength of the practitioners. It is therefore safe to say that power yoga is basically the best way of introducing yoga in the United States.

The people behind this fitness concept and practice are Beryl Bender Birch and Bryan Kent. These two experts and pioneers of this style of yoga are students of the master of Ashtanga yoga known as Sri K. Pattabhi Jois. The western yoga enthusiasts and practitioners often refer to this application as a form of meditative fitness and gentle stretching. This is however quite different from what Ashtanga yoga experts teach, which is the intense side of yoga.

The popularity and benefits derived from doing power yoga is undeniably exceptional. Thus, you would know right away the very reason why more and more Americans turn to this practice for fitness and wellbeing. Classes for this yoga type could depend and vary on the teacher or instructors. It is an appealing art for those who are into fitness exercise and meditation.

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