What is Poultry?

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What is Poultry?
Poultry refers to a group of birds that are domesticated for human consumption purposes. Usually the meat and eggs are collected for food consumption but the feathers may also be collected for other purposes. Most birds that are domesticated for farming are chickens, ducks, geese, quail, and turkey. But others also have bird farms for doves and/or pigeons.

The biggest reason for poultry farming is for meat and egg consumption by humans. In almost any country of the world, chicken meat is the most widely consumed animal meat. Chicken is also easily reared and domesticated. Most religions also do not have any restrictions on eating poultry meat such as chicken meat. In terms of chicken production, poultry farming today is assisted with feeds and layering techniques for faster egg-laying and improved productivity of hens, which yield to a higher number of eggs and higher number of chickens for meat consumption.

There are many different methods in domesticating poultry animals. In the case of chicken for example, these birds may be raised through free-range methods, yarding, and intensive farming methods. Free-range chicken farming involves allowing the chicken to freely roam a particular area. Yarding meanwhile refers to a farming technique wherein chickens are reared along with other animals like cows. The intensive method meanwhile involves chicken put on cages and confined spaces to control their movement and activities. Because of intensive methods, animal rights groups and activities have long protested the supposed cruelty to poultry animals like chicken.

In terms of poultry meat, the breast part of the animal is considered the meatiest with the thigh and leg parts as the next meatiest. Other poultry animal meat parts include the wings, legs, and neck. When it comes to poultry meat preparation, farmers also operate on several standards to follow regulations and to adhere to religious beliefs and concerns. For Muslims, meat preparation should be “Halal” or done in accordance with Islamic law and practices. For the Jewish, the process should be monitored by a rabbi for the meat to be labeled as “Kosher”.

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