What is podcast?

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In this modern era, nothing that we imagined in the last decade is still only a thought. Almost everything that we had ever dreamed of is a reality now. Touch screens, holograms and robotics have gone to such a level that amazes any one who sees them. Talking on a level of technology, we all know how fast communication has gotten with increasing modernization. One of the newest and most trending ways to be heard is through podcasts.


A podcasts is a way in which any sort of media like music PDF’s , videos and others can be transferred over and downloaded through the internet on another source. Mostly used for music or voice notes, podcasts was the term chosen to represent this new transfer of communication due to two reasons. The term casting as being chosen or doing something to forward your motive and the term POD from the iPod as it was the most popular method for listening to audios at that time.

Now, a modern form of broadcasting over the internet, podcasts have gotten quite a reception by the young generation and are up to date with all its specifics, all the downloadable material on the net using the podcasting system for their material, and is becoming the new face of radio journalism. It’s not just for music. It can be any form of audio, a report or a commentary, even an interview. Everything can be done and transferred on a podcast and downloaded on the other side. Not to mention that this is not a one time thing. Like TV shows, Podcasts are also aired on episodes bringing you parts of audio greatness every day.

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