What is PMP?

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What is PMP?
PMP is an acronym for project management professional. This is a credential which can be attained through the project management institute, also known as PMI. Since July 2010, there was said to be close to four hundred thousand PMPs worldwide. Also since September of 2006 over four thousand people have been becoming certified each month.

To become certified an individual must first take an exam. The exam is usually no more than two hundred questions however it is broken up into six different parts. The first section focuses on initiating the project. This makes up about eleven percent of the exam. The second section is planning the project. This section makes up about twenty three percent of the test. Then there is executing the project. Twenty seven percent of the exam will be based on this section. Fourth there is the section on monitoring and controlling the project. It makes up another twenty one percent of the exam. The fifth section only makes up nine percent of the test and it focuses on closing the project. Lastly, there is the section on professional and social responsibility. This section also makes up another nine percent of the exam.

Most if not all of the exam is multiple choice questions. There are also two ways that the test can be taken. It can either be taken traditionally by paper or on the computer. If an individual chooses to take the test on the computer they will get their results immediately. However, with the paper version of the test than it can take up to four weeks for the results to come back. However, to even be qualified for the test there is a certain amount of additional education that must be completed first such as a high school diploma and/or some type of degree.

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