What is PLR?

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What is PLR?
PLR stands for Private Label Rights and refer to some sort of license involving content or intellectual property. It is termed as “PLR” when the author sells his/her rights on a particular content for other people to use or re-use. It’s basically the selling of pre-made or pre-written content. This content may be in the form of articles, sales copies, videos, blog posts, reports, or eBooks among others. Many people resort to using PLRs because it is way much easier and cheaper to get pre-made content than to pay for somebody to do original work. And since the supposed rights of the original author are also “bought”, the buyer can put his name on a particular content and can rightfully claim that he made it all on his own. It is rebranding of a particular product or content. Buyer gets a generic product and he/she can make the packaging using his/her name or brand.

But some PLRs have some restrictions on their use. Not to mention that other people may have bought the same PLR content. That is why it is best to review the terms and conditions involved before purchasing a PLR. Some have specific restrictions on where a buyer can post a particular content. Like in the case of pre-written or PLR articles, some authors or PLR owners may provide a list of websites that buyers are not allowed to post the purchased PLR articles.

The use of PLRs is beneficial to many Internet-based businesses. One big advantage is that businesses don’t have to deal with creating an original product. With PLR available, one may just need to edit a few details on the content bought and the business will run. This will allow businesses to concentrate more on the core tasks of running it rather than creating original content. Besides, it is always cheaper to buy PLRs than to hire and pay writers of new content. And as everybody in the internet business knows, site content is everything. And content must be updated regularly to keep up with competition.

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