What Is PLD?

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What Is PLD?
Since PLD has been established in New Delhi, India, it has already made many projects in order to further their advocacies when it comes to protesting against discrimination in different sectors of the society as well as deliver social justice to many people all over India. PLD actually stands for Partners for Law in Development. This group is composed of lawyers who have the initiative to make moves in support of different causes concerning injustices in the society.

PLD has made many national level campaigns in order to eliminate, the discrimination against the marginalized sectors of the society. By marginalized, it means the economically deprived, sexually discriminated, domestically violated, and racially oppressed. They really push forward laws and legislative reforms on the above-mentioned areas.

The programs of PLD actually involve asserting the rights of women and other marginalized groups. They also encourage people to join them in fighting for these causes by means of education and mobilization. They work out their projects by means of building partners in both the government and private sectors. They also empower their members and other people in the society by means of technical assistance, seminars, trainings, and the like. They have also produced different educational and research packages that will be of benefit to many.

PLD might have been established in India, but they continue making partnerships with different countries across the Asia Pacific region to strengthen their networks. They have also introduced their program as well as their system to different countries so that despite different situations, they can push forward for the same goals.

The experience of the people within PLD as well as their passion to push forward their advocacies has been their key to achieving success. They have already reached out to many people and will continue doing so as long as injustices and oppression are present in the society.

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