What is Pivotal?

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What is Pivotal?
Pivotal is a CRM (customer relationship management) software system developed by CDC Software, a company based in Atlanta, Georgia USA. CDC Software has been known to provide software products for enterprises and organizations to help them provide the best in customer service and support while maintaining or increasing operational efficiency and company profitability.

Pivotal CRM software suite includes applications for lead management and marketing automation through CDC MarketFirst, sales force automation through Pivotal Sales, and service automation through Pivotal Service. Other features include mobile CRM technology, call scripting capabilities, analytics, and partner management. Pivotal CRM even has some customized versions specific to some industries like private and commercial banking industries, real estate and home building, healthcare industry, capital markets and mutual fund wholesaling, legal services industry, and asset management among a variety of other industries.

The Pivotal Software was developed back in 1994 by Norm Francis with the basic idea of integrating all the processes and activities by all the people involved in the customer service cycle for a particular organization. The first release in 1996 was named Pivotal Relationship Version 1 and this became the predecessor of the new Pivotal CRM software suite we know today. Since then the company has evolved into an industry leader in providing CRM solutions to enterprises and various organizations using Microsoft as the base for its software suite.

Pivotal CRM is considered a leader in the CRM solutions industry and is considered a very powerful and flexible platform for organizations to take advantage of. Its user interface is also based and similar to Microsoft office applications which make the system very user friendly and easy to learn and adapt. The Pivotal CRM software system is also able to integrate with Microsoft Outlook and other Microsoft Office applications resulting to more user efficiency.

Pivotal 6 is the latest version of the Pivotal CRM suite and is developed around Microsoft’s .NET platform. This version features easy integration with Microsoft-based applications with a very intuitive user interface. It can also be customized and personalized according the user needs.

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