What is Pie in Math?

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What is Pie in Math

Pie in math does not actually have a letter ‘e’ in the word. It is only referred to as Pi and has the
In its etymological meaning, Pi is actually a Greek letter, which is basically used as representation of the number to calculate and measure the circumference of a circle. Long time ago, the Greeks discovered that the ratio of the distance around the circle, also known as the circumference of a circle, to its diameter is equals to Pi. In a more mathematical definition, it is considered as a mathematical constant. The value of which is the ratio of the circumference to diameter of whichever Euclidean plane circle. The equation is actually giving the same exact value of the ratio of the area of the circle to its radius square.
The symbol basically means that it is not possible to express as a fraction such as m/n where both letters are integers. It is referred to as a decimal representation, which has no ending or repetition. Due to this concept, the pie in math has been carried over from the mathematical realm to the non-mathematical culture. It is what people often used to represent something unending or infinite. It is potentially the mathematical concept that has been popularly entrenched in pop culture due to its simple definition.

The symbol of pie in math has been commonly used in different milieus in science and mathematics. It has been a common symbol in Geometry and trigonometry, physics, probability and statistics. It is also present in complex numbers and calculus.

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