What is Philippines Famous for?

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What is Philippines Famous for?

When people talk about countries, they tend to talk what makes a country famous. When you talk about the country Philippines what are things that come to your mind? There are actually a lot of things that make Philippines famous. Philippines can be proud of many things, especially when it comes to tourism.

Philippines has 60,000 kilometers of coastline and the beaches here are one of the finest in the South East Asia. The country boasts of its beautiful coastlines starting from the northern most of Luzon, to the Visayas region and to the southern most of Mindanao. Tourists will also enjoy the small islands and one of the most famous islands here is the Boracay.

Boracay is an amazing, small and expensive resort island. Tourists come yearly to this island for a fun vacation. Tourism in Boracay started to develop in 1970s when foreigners accidentally discovered the island. In the 1980s, it has become famous among backpackers. A British publication TV Quick voted Boracay as one of the world’s number one tropical beaches in 1996.

Philippines is also a great diving destination. Tourists come here yearly for a dive at the clear tropical waters of the Philippines. Boracay is again a favorite but Palawan and Mindoro have their own rich reef that many tourists enjoy yearly. In Cebu, the famous Moalboal boasts of its underwater walls, drop-offs and coral arches. Off Bohol are the Panglao and Cabilao islands, which are famous for hammerhead sharks and manta rays.

Philippines is also famous because of Banaue rice terraces, one of the many wonders of the world. The rice terraces are man-made and is truly a tourist attraction. Banaue is a small town in Northern Luzon that has stunningly beautiful landscape of mountains. One of the most breathtaking roads in South East Asia is found in this town, the Halsema Highway.

When you talk about shooting the rapids, Philippines will not be left behind. The panorama along the stretch of Bombongan River is extraordinarily spectacular. It is truly thrilling to race the fourteen rapids while you get past the squeezing canyon walls of the jungle. However, beware of the touts are known to be aggressive here, which makes this spot popular too.

In the northeastern part of Mindanao, tourists may find the amazing hidden coves, lagoons and crystal-clear beaches. This place is known as Siargao Island, an island perfect for surfing and kayaking too. The island is full of tiny villages and coconut palms scattered all over the scenery.

Finally, Philippines is most famous for its capital, Manila. Actually, the name Manila is more popular than Philippines itself. Of course, no one will ever forget the monstrous traffic in Manila. However, Manila still preserved some of its historical past. The Intramuros is famous for remembering the Spanish occupation. The Chinese cemetery is also famous in Manila. This place is truly an example of a ghost town. Rizal Park is also a nice destination for tourists. It is a great place to take a walk. Moreover, if you want a trendy nightlife, you can always go to Malate.

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