What is Peyote Drug?

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What is Peyote Drug?
Peyote drug is a drug taken from the peyote plant with scientific name “Lophophora williamsii”. This particular plant belongs to the cactus family but is small and has no spines. Peyote is said to contain a substance called mescaline which has psychoactive or hallucinogenic properties. In the past, peyote has been used for medicinal purposes and in ritual-type of activities.

The peyote plant is native to the southwestern desert parts of the US and Mexico. Peyote has been widely used in the past by Native Americans specifically for its hallucinogenic effect. Various practices in worship and religion take advantage of peyote’s effect on the brain as people in the past engaged in prayer ceremonies and rituals. Today, peyote is an illegal substance in the US except for Native Americans with the main reason being that this particular plant/drug is used for recreational purposes and can be addictive.

To use peyote, about 4 up to 20 buttons may be eaten or made into some form of tea. To have the psychoactive effect, at least 500mg of the substance is taken. When taken, people usually feel like they’re in a dream especially in the first few hours after intake. But being a drug or substance that induces hallucinations, some people consider it as just like other illegal drugs. But many also suggest that the hallucinogenic effect of peyote is more suited for meditation and reflection. For some people, they prefer having their peyotes cooked with other food items to do away with the bitterness of the buttons. Some people also experience some dizziness and nausea immediately after taking peyote as the body still stabilizes and reacts to this psychoactive type of substance.

But since peyote drug induces hallucinations, it may also cause some side effects to people taking it, just like any other drug. Depending on the strength or content of mescaline, people may have different reactions and tolerance levels, leading to serious complications. Besides its use on inducing hallucinations, peyote has been also used by Native Americans in the treatment and management of various conditions like colds, skin illnesses, toothache, fever, chest pain, and rheumatism among others.

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