What is Pashtunwali?

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What is Pashtunwali?
Pashtunwali is an unwritten code of ethics used by the Pashtun tribes people of the Afghanistan-Pakistan region. It is also interpreted as the ‘way of the Pashtuns’ or the ‘code of life’. It is also practiced by many Afghan and Pakistani non-Pashtuns who live in close proximity of Pashtun communities. Pashtunwali is believed to pre-date the Islamic religion, and is still openly practiced in the majority Muslim nations because it does not contradict Islamic teachings.
This practice is an age-old tradition in Patshtun societies, exerting a great influence over daily life. It is deemed disgraceful not to abide by them. Families that do not conform to the said code of ethics face the risk of being denounced by the society.
Pashtunwali is made up of many principles, some of which are:
Nanewatei ‘“ seeking or providing refuge/sanctuary, or similarly, forgiveness of enemies or truce
Nang ‘“ honor and bravery
Badal ‘“ justice or revenge, and can be interpreted as ‘eye for an eye’
Melmastia ‘“ Hospitality without expecting renumeration, which the Pashtuns are known for
Sabat ‘“ loyalty to family and community
Panah ‘“ is to give due protection to someone who needs it. It can also be interpreted as asylum.
Tor ‘“ Women’s honor, protecting it through any means possible
Itbar ‘“ trust

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