What is Pando Media Booster?

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What is Pando Media Booster?
Pando Media Booster is a software from Pando Networks that helps speed up file transfer, streaming and/or downloading of HD-quality video files or very large game applications. It is a very small application that runs in the background using the secure Pando Network’s peer-assist type of technology. Using this application means optimized video streaming from a variety of locations or sources, from servers and other peers or computer viewers. Using a peer-assist setup, video streaming will be much easier and faster if there are more people viewing a particular HD-quality video file. But in cases that there are not a lot of people viewing a particular video, Pando Media Booster still allows for faster streaming and downloading and even lets the user specify or configure the minimum video download rate or video delivery bitrate.

Since Pando Media Booster works in the background, some people are quite apprehensive that this small application may automatically stream and transfer other files which are not requested or user-initiated. But these apprehensions are not true because Pando Media Booster will only work on the transfer of files which are requested by the user and/or previously downloaded but not completed yet. This means, that the PC resources will not be used up by this application allowing for other programs to run efficiently.

Users who download video files and gaming applications with the help of Pando Media Booster also do not need to worry about privacy in terms of personal files and internet surfing activities. Using Pando Media Booster is secure and does not allow for any direct link between users of the application. This application also requires authentication from users before any transfer or streaming is done. Users also have the option to configure the Pando Media Booster settings on the computer’s Control Panel. One can choose not to start the application once the computer is turned on and it is also allowed to restrict the upload speed in streaming files.

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