What is Paganism?

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What is Paganism?
Paganism is an umbrella term used to categorize religions that do not belong to the major religions in the world, such as Christianity, Islam, Judaism and Hinduism. Contrary to popular belief, paganism is not a religion, but rather a collective term for religions and beliefs outside of the major religions. Likewise, pagans are not ‘Satan worshippers’ as they are often portrayed, in fact many do not believe in Satan or a demonic entity’”this belief is more in line with the Christian faith.

Paganism is derived from the root word paganus or pagana which means country dweller or villager. This is because when the ancient Romans adapted Christianity as the official religion of the state, those who followed other religious practices were only allowed to practice it on the countryside.

Pagans usually worship nature, and most pagan religions believe in more than one god. Pagans also generally believe in the sanctity of all things in the universe, from fellow men to trees and rocks. They are also mostly animists, or they believe that things in the Earth have spirits, examples are forest spirits, river spirits and the like. Pagan religions also have their own religious rituals, such as for worship and celebration.

Pagan religions include Wicca, consisting of witches and warlocks. Celtic Druidism, voodoo and shamanism are also examples of pagan religions.

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