What is OWC11?

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What is OWC11?
OWC stands for Office Web Component and OWC11 is part of Microsoft’s Office 2003 software application. OWCs are actually OLE or Object Linking and Embedding components designed to function as the Active X controls for a variety of Microsoft’s applications and programs like Office 2003, Office XP, and Office 2000. A typical OWC in the Office environment of Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Access for example includes chart spaces, spreadsheets, pivot tables, and data source components. Through these specific components, database items and chart data may be viewed and published on the Web.

The spreadsheet part of OWC11 is designed to perform many tasks like data sorting, data filtering, and data scrolling. Values on each cell may also be edited, manipulated, and recalculated because of the OWC11 file. Cell protection is also another feature of this very important component for Microsoft Excel. The pivot table component meanwhile is the one in-charge with providing interactivity to the reporting and/or analysis of information and data. And as the name suggests, the chart component takes care of viewing different chart types like the polar variety and the two-dimensional variety. And lastly, the data source components provide for control when data is sourced externally.

OWC11.DLL, in its 11.0.5531 version, is quite a large file at 8 gigabytes. This particular file comes along with the installation of Microsoft’s Office application. Through this specific file, users will be able add interactivity to web pages involving Microsoft Excel, FrontPage, and/or Access. This file also aids the user in coming up with solutions for data analysis tasks with the capability of visualizing the same data onto the webpage.

In case the viewing of spreadsheets or charts prompts an error pointing to the OWC11.DLL file, it almost always refers to problems in the computer registry. It may be that the actual OWC11 file is corrupted itself or not registered properly. In some cases, errors pointing to the OWC files may mean a very fragmented registry. In this case, only proper defragmentation may be necessary to correct errors and have Microsoft Office run properly and efficiently.

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