What is OPNET?

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What is OPNET?
OPNET stands for Optimized Engineering Tools, a graduate project for a course in networking at MIT by Alain Cohen, his brother Marc Cohen, and classmate Steven Baraniuk. Later on, these three guys agreed to make the networking software “commercial” and so the company OPNET Technologies, Inc. was born in 1986.

Today OPNET, the software company, has about 600 employees with offices in many parts of the US and around the globe, particularly in the UK, France, Germany, Singapore, and Belgium among others. Its current headquarters is in Bethesda, Maryland USA.

OPNET, the software, is a network simulation tool with lots of features and toolsets including a packet format that defines protocols, a node model for specifying network component interface, a process model for abstraction of behavior of a particular network component, a project window for defining the topology of the network and various linkages, and a simulation window that is able to capture and/or show the results of network simulation.

OPNET Modeler was the first software product released by OPNET Technologies. Through this networking software, the R&D process is accelerated resulting to easy analysis and design of communication networks, application, protocols, and devices. OPNET Modeler also has a development environment that allows for modeling any network type and various other technologies like VOIP, MPLS, IPv6, and TCP. According to experts, OPNET Modeler offers the fastest discreet event simulation engine when compared with other networking solutions in the industry. This networking software is also compatible with 32-bit or 64-bit platforms and has an open interface for easy integration of libraries, external object files and other network simulators.

Today OPNET offers several networking solutions for network performance management, application performance management, and network R&D. These solutions have already been operationally proven and tested by various companies and organizations worldwide including government institutions, network service and equipment providers.

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