What is ooVoo?

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What is ooVoo ?

In 2007 ooVoo LLC released a unique instant messaging client called ooVoo. It can be installed in Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X. It’s very similar to the applications such as iChat and Skype. The features of ooVoo includes real time recording and six way video chatting. Registered users are allowed to communicate through free instant messaging, video and voice chat. ooVoo also supports desktop sharing.

It helps to chat with your friend even if he does not have a ooVoo client installed in his computer or laptop. It also enables you to send your unique Web Video Call link through email or Facebook. He can join you in a live online video chat through the web browser. ooVoo allows you to chat with contacts quickly. If your friend does not have web cam then also you can do one way video and two way voice chat with your friend.In short ooVo shrinks the world.

Video Conferencing feature of ooVoo can be used for web presentations, online meetings etc. ooVoo allows business to connect with partners and colleagues across the globe and reduces the travel time. The application also provides support to all kinds of business activities such as sales, training and marketing via instant messaging, recording and storing video and transferring of large files.
ooVoo has the ability to send file size up to 25MB. It supports 20 file attachments at one time to as many contacts. The file will be delivered even if the contacts are offline.

ooVoo video chat room allows to embed video chat into your social network and blog. Any time you can speak to any one using ooVoo.

You can easily share your desktop using the ooVoo by simple clicking the desktop sharing icon. With this desktop sharing, users can save a large amount of time and money. Users need to pay per minute for desktop sharing.

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