What is OOTD?

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OOTD is an acronym that is popularly used over the internet. It could represent a variety of meanings but the two most common meaning of OOTD are “outfit of the day” and “offer of the day”. In online sites and social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook for example, many people use the term OOTD to shorten the actual phrase that they are referring too. Internet or urban language has become very popular among the so-called internet generation and many new words and terms are coined every day. One such term is OOTD and many use it in posts and comments in various websites online. The popularity of internet terms like OOTD was made possible by internet users who use the same term over and over again. Many people also use the hashtag symbol “#” before OOTD to make this term searchable in various online platforms.

In the first meaning of OOTD which is “offer of the day”, online stores and retailers use this term when offering some items of services for sale. In order to highlight a specific item or product for a given day, this particular item may be labelled with “OOTD” along with the corresponding price or offer.

The second meaning of OOTD is “outfit of the day”. The use of OOTD in this context started with people who are into fashion. People who have blogs that relate to fashion and clothing for example often post pictures of the so-called “outfit of the day”. To shorten this particular expression, the term OOTD is used instead. This trend of posting what people wear for the day eventually caught on with many people in social networking sites. Every single day, people would post their own pictures displaying what they’re wearing and tag or label it as their outfit of the day or simply OOTD.

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