What is OCS?

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OCS is an abbreviation of Officer Candidate School, a major academy for training future Army Officers in the US. The academy admits qualified Officers who have not been commissioned as well as citizens who have already taken a 4-year degree. Candidates enroll to the academy for a period of twelve weeks. Those who complete the rigorous training successfully are accorded official commissions to serve as US Army Officers as well as adopt the capacity of commanding soldiers. The work of Army Officers is not easy because it involves providing leadership to other officers. This means the officers are looked upon to make correct decisions during tough times. The OCS provides candidates with the necessary framework they need to assume their roles as unit commanders. Candidates are trained on tactics, dealing with emotional and mental stress and giving orders. At the end of the training, candidates are ready to lead. The experience that candidates get through the training demonstrates their capacity to provide leadership in any circumstances.

Admission Requirements

In order to be admitted for OCS as a citizen, one is has to be a citizen of the US, hold a 4-year college degree and be aged 19 to 28 years old. One must reach their 29th birthday after admission. A person must also qualify for secret security clearance. Members of the US Army seeking to join the school must also meet similar qualifications. The OCS is situated in Georgia’s Fort Benning area. Candidates are required to undertake a Basic Combat Training prior to being admitted. At the beginning of the course, candidates learn diverse small-unit strategies and leadership skills while working in squads. The training is organized in two phases where candidates learn leadership skills then they make use of those skills through intense field training missions that last 18 days.

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