What is NWD?

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What is NWD?
NWD refers to New World Disorder, the film series dedicated for mountain biking fans and enthusiasts. The NWD series of movies is produced by Freeride Entertainment with the first installment released in the year 2000. Freeride is an award-winning Canadian production company that specifically caters to the fields involving nature and action sports. The first film of the series proved to be a big hit and has led to the production of many more movies in the following years.

It was in October of the year 2000 when the first film was released aptly entitled “New World Disorder”. As with succeeding releases, music plays a big role in this first installment. This first movie also featured scenes involving a unicyclist and two mountain boarders. A year after, the second installment of the movie series was released with the subtitle “Fat Tire Fury”. This second movie featured the likes of “Bender”, Nicolas Vouilloz”, John Cowan, and Timo Pritzel among others demonstrating their skills on mountain-biking. The third movie is called “Freewheel Burning” and this version featured mountain biking street style. This was released in October 2002. By October again of the year after, the fourth installment “Ride the Lightning” was released and is considered the best among the “disorder” series. The fifth film is called “Disorderly Conduct” and featured the best free riders in various parts of the worlds in scenic locations that include Vancouver Island, New Zealand, Utah, Australia, and Europe. Popular riders featured on this film include Aaron Chase, Kyle Strait, Dave Watson, Cameron Zink, and Wade Simmons among others. The succeeding installments to the NWD mountain-biking film series were also released every year thereafter. The latest film is the 10th installment to the series and is subtitled “Dust and Bones”. This film was released back in 2009.

Today, Freeride Entertainment has just released a “greatest hits” version to the ‘New World Disorder’ mountain-biking film series. This particular film chronicles a decade of bike riding and filming featuring the best riders and locations in the world.

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