What is NVQ?

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What is NVQ?
NVQ stands for National Vocational Qualifications. These refer to awards or qualifications for employees in the UK who demonstrate certain skills and knowledge needed for a particular function or job and at varying levels. These awards and/or qualifications are said to be based on competence, meaning each employee shall demonstrate tasks that are practical and related to the current working environment.

NVQs may be taken by those who are already employed and those who are still studying in college, and those who are employed on a part-time basis and have possible placements on full-time status. NVQs are said to be based on what is accepted as standards of a particular occupation. There are also different levels of NVQ ranging from basic clerical competencies to managerial capabilities.

There are 5 Levels in NVQ. Level 1 involves competencies in tasks that are considered routine, expected, and predictable. This level comprises the most of basic job functions that are administrative and clerical in nature. Level 2 meanwhile is one notch higher and involves certain knowledge or application of information to do a variety of work activities. This does mean simple repetitive tasks but rather it emphasizes on some decision-making and some collaboration with other employees in a group project or activity. Level 3 on the other hand still involves knowledge application on varied tasks and projects but this time it requires broader skills application and more complex tasks. It also entails some degree of responsibility for a given task that one may perform with little or no supervision. Level 4 involves for technical knowledge in terms of applying it to broad and complex tasks. Higher degree of responsibility is expected and this time there is accountability for the work of others. Level 5 involves management competencies in terms of responsibility, autonomy, and the ability to manage resources, analyze and diagnose concerns, and plan, execute, and/or evaluate action plans.

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