What is NTLDR?

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What is NTLDR?
NTLDR refers to the special application which is used for boot loading or to load files and certain software. These are types of application which could basically help operate the computing system and convert them in a state which is primarily very much easy and all ready to operate. The acronym is used to refer to the New Technology Loader which was utilized for the OS known as the Windows NT.

This is also applicable to other operating systems such as Window XP as well as the version known as Windows Server 2003. Nevertheless, there are operating systems such as the Windows Vista and the 2008 version of Windows Server which made modifications and replacement for the name of the application. In these OS versions, NTLDR is substituted with the winload.exe. It is also changed to Windows Boot Manager in these OS versions.

There are portions in the computer memory which are considered unchangeable and in these types of systems where the boot loader is stored. You basically run and operate this loader type straight from the hard disk drive main processor. It is best to note and understand that this system is also operational and able to work on removable applications such as USB drives. There are also other systems or storage tools such as floppy disks, flash drives and compact discs or CD-ROMs.

NTLDR is a usable file which could be utilized to load other systems and applications even those which are not NT-based. During the process of booting the system, this application performs varied steps. When processing and loading operating systems which are NT-based, it is imperative that you must have an ntdetect.com installed in your computer. From accessing the file on the drive to the execution and booting of the application, this boot loader is a vital tool to begin with.

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