What is NRA?

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What is NRA?
NRA stands for National Rifle Association, an organization in the US which aims to promote the use of rifles or firearms and to protect hunting activities. According to reports, the NRA was formed by William Church and George Wingate in 1871 because they were dissatisfied with the US troops’ lack of marksmanship.

The NRA started with a Civil War general in the name of Ambrose Burnside as the first president of the organization. First of their activities was the creation of a rifle range for practice shooting and competitions. This first shooting ground was located in the state of New York. But due to some opposition, this had to be relocated to New Jersey.

The NRA led to the development of rifle and gun clubs in American schools. This was their way of promoting the use of rifles as a sport. NRA would then hold various activities and competitions to further promote the use of rifles. But aside from shooting competitions, the NRA is also involved in educating civilians and law enforcers in terms of shooting, hunting, and self-defense techniques. It also provides trainings and courses in gun safety using rifles, pistols, or a shotgun. An example of this training program is the “Refuse to be a Victim” program wherein people are taught techniques to promote personal safety which may be applied on daily activities. NRA courses and training programs also cater to all levels of gun-owners and users including novices, intermediates, and experts.

Aside from the training programs for gun use and safety, the NRA also involves itself in the promotion and protection of the rights of the American people to purchase, possess, and use guns for lawful activities. Many members continue to lobby the US government to preserve and protect the “gun rights” as indicated in the Second Amendment of the US Constitution.

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