What is Nopalea?

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What is Nopalea?
Nopalea is a juice drink made from the fruit of Nopal Cactus or “prickly pear”. This juice drink is made by the company called Trivita and is marketed as good for wellness.

The Nopal Cactus fruit has been used for centuries for its health benefits, and according to Trivita, drinking the Nopalea juice will help people get all the health benefits of the fruit. It has been said that the Nopal fruit is not only consumed because it is food but also because it has lots of antioxidants called “betalains”.

With all the healthy nutrients and antioxidant properties of Nopalea juice, it is said to give protection to people in terms of premature aging. The juice also helps fight off inflammatory activities in the body and promote wellness and good health. And with betalains present in the juice, it can help the body get rid of harmful toxins. And aside from its anti-toxin and anti-inflammation properties, Nopalea is also able to boost the body’s immune system. This means, Nopalea helps the body fight off possible illnesses, resulting to improved health.

And since Nopalea is marketed as a wellness drink, Trivita also made sure that no preservatives are added to the juice drink and only Agave nectar is used as sweetener, making this drink a healthy and natural choice. Nopalea is also safe to drink any time of day and even with accompanying medication for a particular illness. With all-natural ingredients, Nopalea is also a favorite for the health conscious individual. Not only is it consumed for its anti-inflammatory or anti-toxin effects, but many people also choose to drink it for general wellness.

Nopalea comes in 32-ounce bottles and must be refrigerated to ensure freshness. It is also advised that people consume the entire contents of the bottle within 30 days from opening date.

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  1. Knee Pain

    June 10, 2011 2:25 pm

    Nopalea can help with a variety of ailments, discomforts and diseases. Made from the prickly pear cactus, the juice is a natural anti-inflammatory and antioxidant that helps with everything from pain relief, to reducing swelling to helping with joint pain.


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