What is Nodular Acne?

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What is Nodular Acne?
Nodular acne is a type of severe acne called acne vulgaris. It is characterized by nodules that form under the skin and require a good dose of derma-treatment. This type of acne presents itself as hard bump under the skin, sometimes containing pus, and is usually very painful. This bumps or nodules may last for long periods, up to several weeks and even months. They also have a great chance of re-appearing on the same part of the skin. Nodular acne is also called “cystic acne” since the nodules under the skin may harden over time forming cyst-like bumps. And since this type of acne involves inflammation deep and/or beneath the skin, it may result to scarring.

Pimple conglobata is a form of nodular acne and is usually due to inflammation. This type presents with nodules and pustules and may be severely inflamed due to bacteria. This form of acne can commonly be found on the back and chest. Another form is called Pimple cosmetica, which is milder form and is usually a result of using cosmetic products. The bumps in this form of acne are pinkish or reddish and these can be found on the cheeks, temples, and chin. This form of acne usually resolves and heals over time without scarring.

Since nodular acne is much bigger and much more painful than other milder types of acne, this type can cause severe scarring on the skin. Scarring is almost always certain especially if one decides to prick the nodule and squeeze the pus out. Squeezing also may prolong the healing time of a particular nodule. To prevent scarring and promote healing, some dermatologists provide cortisone injections. While mild to moderate acne may respond to topical pimple creams, most nodular types of acne need a more intensive treatment plan. Besides injections, oral antibiotics may also be given to patients. There are also other dermatological procedures that may help in the healing and scarring of nodular acne. These procedures include dermabrasion and laser light therapy among others.

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