What is NMSRVC?

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What is NMSRVC?
NMSRVC refers to the “Network Magic Service” file from Pure Networks, Inc. When people encounter this file, it usually comes with the file extension .exe which means it is an executable file or a running application. It is also common to encounter this file when a particular user views the Windows Task Manager. NMSRVC.exe is considered a non-essential file, so Windows will run normally even without this file. This file usually comes along with installation of some software from Pure Networks.

NMSRVC.exe has not been labeled as a security threat; so many experts do not advise removal of this application. This particular process also does not use up much the CPU’s processing power, so many believe it is okay for it to run in the background. This particular file can be found under the Common Files folder of the Program Files group. It is said to be signed by Verisign and digitally signed by Pure Networks. But some computer experts rate this file as 26% dangerous since this file is capable of listening or sending data using ports on a LAN-based network or the internet. MNSRVC.exe is also said to be able to exist undetected and monitor various application across a particular network. For security concerns though, one is advised to consult with experts and monitor reviews on this particular file.

For those who suspect that this file is a security threat, one can remove it through the Windows Control Panel. To remove all files associated with NMSRVC.exe, it is best to uninstall any software from Pure Networks. It has also been documented that some malware files hide themselves through this file especially if they are stored in the Windows main folder or the system32 folder. Users can also opt to not have this process run during startup to avoid unnecessary consumption of CPU power.

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