What is NMFC?

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What is NMFC?
NMFC is a term used for National Motor Freight Classification. It is a standard which applies to provide certain comparisons of different commodities which are being transferred to inter and intra state or foreign commerce. The concept of this standard is quite similar to those used for grouping and grading certain systems that serve other applications and industries. Basically, the commodities are grouped into several classes. You could find up to 18 classes in all for different types of items to be transferred.

There are lower types of class 50 to a much higher class of 500. The standardization of the commodities are actually based on the assessment of four different transportation features. There are other criteria you must consider such as the density of the product, handling and liability as well as storability. If you combine all these elements together, you would determine the ‘transportability’ of the item or commodity. You would establish if the commodity is amenable for transportation or not.

How are the transportation characteristics determined? These prescribed features are basically determined courtesy of the Interstate Commerce Commission or ICC initially in the year 1983. However, the succeeding organization, Surface Transportation Board or STB mandated the said transportation characteristics. In the contemporary times, the STB does not regulate the classification criteria. This is done through the analysis of the commodities based exclusively on the mentioned characteristics.

It is the NMFC which basically offers shippers and carriers the standard used for negotiations along with the simplification of the comparative assessment of the products. This is made to conveniently evaluate thousands of commodities which are basically moving in and out the modern and contemporary competitive marketplace. The NMFC is also used to identify least packaging requirements for the protection of motor carriers. It also ensures that the items are safely and practically handled and stored.

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