What is NMDB?

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What is NMDB?
NMDB or Network Management Database is a type of network database that supports various protocols in interacting and communicating with clients. It is part of the Samba suite of products that allows for interoperability between different platforms like Windows, UNIX, and Linux. Protocols that are supported by NMDB include TCP or Transmission Control Protocol which complements another protocol called IP or Internet Protocol. This type of protocol allows for an efficient and reliable data migration from one application in one computer terminal to another software in another terminal. NMDB also supports TIPC or Transparent Inter-Process Communication protocol which enables program clusters to have a quick and efficient connection with other running applications within the same cluster, regardless of where they are located inside the cluster. User Datagram Protocol or UDP is another supported protocol using NMDB and this allows for the transport of datagrams or messages in an IP-based network setup. NMDB also supports SCTP or Stream Control Transmission Protocol which has features of both TCP and UDP.

NMDB contains an in-memory cache that functions to store key/value pairs. It also has a backend component which is in-charge with storing pairs and data onto a disk storage system. This particular network database is considered “open-source” for all internet experts and administrators to use and maximize. It also allows for query distribution on the client side when it is memcached.

As part of the Samba suite of application products, NMDB can interact with computer’s NetBIOS system through IP-based service requests. It can also take part in various protocols that allow for browsing, like the ones that compose the Network Neighborhood of Windows-based computers. Another useful function of NMDB is that it can serve as the Windows Internet Name Server wherein a database is created when there are requests for registering names. And through this database, NMDB can take in client requests and respond to them using the registered names. And aside from serving as WINS, NMDB is also capable of serving as WINS proxy.

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