What is Niue?

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What is Niue?
Niue is the name of the island nation which is situated in the southern part of the Pacific Ocean. It is also coined as Rock of Polynesia and its natives term their island in its abridged form – the Rock. The geographical features of the island include its 2400 km location away from the northeastern part of New Zealand. The other places or islands situated near it include Cook Island at the southeastern part, the Tonga situated at the southwest and the Samoa found at the northwestern portion.

The natives or inhabitants of Niue are predominantly of the Polynesia descents. It is already a self-governing and independent island however it is freely associated with a more established country, the New Zealand. Thus, it is valid to say that it actually does not have full sovereignty in its governance. In fact, Queen Elizabeth II is considered the chief public representative or head of state of the island and all the people living in the island are deemed citizens of New Zealand. The diplomatic concerns and relations of Niue are actually represented and conducted by the government of New Zealand on behalf of the island.

A trivia about this progressing state is that it was dubbed as the first to be considered the WIFI nation. In the year 2003, the nation was given free and nationwide access of wireless internet. The Internet Users Society – Niue was the one responsible for the provision of this wireless connectivity access.

There are great tourism industries in Niue which has generally tropical climate. Thus if you wish to visit this pristine and booming nation, you would need to determine which months are dry and wet. For instance, rainfall annually occurs between the months of November until the month of April when summer or dry season officially starts.

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