What is Neomycin-sorbitol?

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What is Neomycin-sorbitol?

Neomycin-sorbitol is a drug combination used in clinical trials and treatment programs for patients who have portal-systemic encephalopathy.  This is a neuropsychiatric disorder that mainly affects the liver.  It is also called hepatic encephalopathy Type C, and typically presents with liver cirrhosis and hypertension or venous shunting in the liver portals.  Symptoms arising from this condition may be present intermittently.  Other people, meanwhile, may report more persistent symptoms of the disease.

Neomycin is a popular antibiotic that may be used as a preventive measure for hepatic encephalopathy and other illnesses including hypercholesterolemia among many others.  It acts by getting rid of the bacteria in the intestinal tract and helps in preventing the spread of bacteria to the liver.  Sorbitol, meanwhile, is a type of sugar alcohol that may be used as a non-stimulating laxative.  It specifically forces water into the large intestines to promote a bowel movement.  It also sometimes used as a culture media to identify certain types of bacteria. By a combination of both Neomycin and Sorbitol’s effects, people suffering from hepatic or portal-specific encephalopathy will get some relief.

Neomycin-sorbitol helps by eliminating toxins and bacteria in the intestinal tract and, therefore, helping clear the liver from further damage from cirrhosis. With fewer toxins floating around, systemic circulation is slowed or prevented and thereby alleviates the associated neuropsychiatric symptoms.  If the toxins are not eliminated from the gut level, these will become part of the systemic blood flow via venous shunting.  When this happens, the brain will be affected resulting in symptoms of restlessness and/or confusion among others.  Some patients experience these neuropsychiatric symptoms at nighttime only while others may have it for longer periods of time.  With the Neomycin-sorbitol combination treatment, patients are said to benefit with improved stool ph levels and a better mental state. Many patients have also reported significant improvements in liver function after undergoing Neomycin-sorbitol therapy.

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