What Is NDMP?

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What Is NDMP?
Being a disaster and calamity stricken country, the Australian government has been giving a huge percentage of funds to the departments of their government focusing on this aspect. Thus, the NDMP or the National Disaster Mitigation Program has been the government’s arm in providing immediate care to the people who have been affected by disaster within the country.

It is an undeniable fact that Australia has experienced a lot within these past years. This includes floods, earthquakes, tropical cyclones, bushfires and many more. More than that, these natural disasters have affected the lives of hundreds and thousands of families even if it did not last long. In fact, it has even taken the lives of many others. Each year, the damage caused by these disasters has been estimated at $1 billion. These damages were very evident from homes, to businesses, to infrastructures and many others. It has also caused the displacement of many Australians and the loss of livelihood means for a lot of them. The sad part is that a lot of scientific research has predicted that there will be actually more of these calamities to come in the future. From small scale to large-scale weather events and conditions, anything is really possible.

Thus, NDMP has been focused on providing immediate assistance to these people in the best possible ways. They provide relief operations and services. Medical missions are also provided as a part of their services. NDMP also seeks out sponsorships and donations from other sectors and private organizations. They have also collaborated with NGO’s in carrying out their tasks successfully.

Year after year, Australia has been experiencing a lot of hard times and extreme weather conditions. This is the reason why NDMP will always be there to provide the best help that these people deserve right away.

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