What is Nationalism?

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What is Nationalism?
Nationalism is the concept that involves people that identify themselves as a political unit or a nation. It’s a belief that a particular nation has to be recognized and be given rights to statehood. But since nationalism could be interpreted in so many different ways, many people also have different views on what this political ideology is. Some people view nationalism as some form of support of a nation. In this idea, nationalism goes beyond the idea of patriotism which only represents love for one’s nation or country. The idea of nationalism encompasses more than an emotional feeling for the sovereignty of a nation. Others may have different goals in supporting a nation. Identifying oneself with a nation may mean an effort to acquire independence or for political representation. People may also group together and unite for self-preservation.

And since nationalism may be interpreted in so many different ways, there are also several varieties of it. One common form is called “civic nationalism”. This concept involves people who identify themselves as belonging to one nation and that they have equal rights. People also support similar political views in this type of nationalism. It is also emphasized in this type of nationalism that a particular nation is not identified by a single ethnicity but rather focuses on the people living together in peace and harmony.

Another form of nationalism is called “ethnocentrism”. This concept involves the belief that one’s ethnicity is superior over the others. This may be applied by a particular nation or ethnic group just to assert their supremacy over others or as some sort of self-preservation technique. “National purity” is another type of nationalism and this involves some form of segregation between majority and minority groups within a nation. In this way, the majority of the population in terms of ethnic, religious, or cultural background may consider the minority groups as not true parts of the nation.

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