What is Myxer?

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What is Myxer?
Myxer is a popular website featuring a wide variety of media intended for cellphone uploads and downloads. This particular website was founded by Myk Willis in 2005 and at present the site has more than 40 million registered users.

Myxer offers a large collection of media for cellphone users all across the globe. To date, there are more than 9 million media content in Myxers library and these consist of ringtones, videos, and wallpapers. Most of this content can be downloaded for free adding to the fast increasing membership to this website. Apart from downloading content, Myxer also offers tools where people can customize existing ringtones and wallpapers. So depending on a person’s preferences and mood, he/she can make a ringtone or wallpaper of his/her own.

Myxer’s original goal was to feature smaller or indie bands in terms of its ringtone and wallpaper media offerings. Much of the music industry only catered to big artists when it comes to promotions through cellular phones. And so various bands were already able to take advantage of Myxer and fans across the globe now have access to some alternative indie music. One particular feature being enjoyed by indie bands is the customizable mobile internet site offered by Myxer. This way, smaller bands can promote their songs and gigs by having a platform to reach their fans and other Myxer users.

Another great Myxer feature is its ability to allow users to distribute mobile content to other users. Ringtones, videos, and wallpapers can easily be sent out to other users. So for bands that want to promote a particular song or video, they can easily manage to spread the video or song across millions of Myxer users.

Myxer offers a lot more features to cater to the growing market of mobile media exchange. From its humble beginnings in 2005, Myxer has now reached almost 50 million registered users worldwide.

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