What is MyWi?

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What is MyWi?

‘MyWi’ refers to a computer application designed to provide tethering capabilities to iPhones and similar devices. Through this particular application, iPhone users with an Internet connection can share it with a bunch of other users.  Through MyWi, a group of friends, for example, can connect to the Internet through only one connection which is coursed through a compatible device like the iPhone or the iPad.

The MyWi app basically creates an instant hotspot out of compatible devices like the iPad or iPhone. By a simple press of a button, one’s Internet connection on his/her iPhone can be shared with friends or family.  In the case of a family trip, for example, only one person may have an iPhone.  This means only one person may be able to connect to the Internet if there are no other Internet mobile devices brought on the trip.  With the MyWi app installed and used, other members of the family who may have brought their laptops or their iPads may also connect to the Internet using the same connection with the iPhone having the MyWi app.  The concept basically functions similarly to conventional WiFi hotspots.  With the MyWi app activated on the iPhone, for example, other people will be able to detect it as an Internet hotspot.  These people will simply connect to it and start surfing the Web with just a few clicks.

In terms of information security, people also need not to worry with MyWi since this app is also designed with built-in security features to protect privacy.  Unauthorized entry into the private WiFi network will be blocked, therefore, keeping the connection secure and private.  The MyWi app is also praised for its efficient use of the battery when used on the iPhone or iPad.  This simply translates to longer Internet browsing time for multiple users simultaneously.  There is also no concern in terms of incoming calls because the MyWi app allows incoming calls to go through even if several people are connected to the Internet at the same time of the call.

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