What is myvzw.com?

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Many people have been wondering about myvzw.com because this particular website always seem to pop out in people’s email and phone messages inbox.  Some have gotten worried about myvzw.com because the message related to it sometimes ask people to either show details or preferences or ignore the prompt.  With these kind of choices, some people become sceptical about the website if it is a legitimate one or some kind of bogus or phishing scam.  Searching about myvzw.com most likely yields information that it belongs to Verizon Wireless, a telecommunications company based in the US.  In terms of subscribers, Verizon Wireless is considered the biggest mobile services provider in the US.  With so many people having mobile phones connected to the Verizon Wireless network, some people dismiss myvzw.com as a mobile site for the company’s services.  Most people who have iPhones for example have reported receiving messages pointing to myvzw.com and many of them simply ignore such messages because of phishing concerns.

With so many people complaining about myvzw.com, many experts believe it is a type of mobile spamming.  Looking up details of myvzw.com over the internet does not yield enough data to pinpoint its exact location and purpose.  This particular website simply pops out on people’s email inbox resulting to so many annoyed people.

Further investigation over the internet may yield other details for myvzw.com.  There are websites that link the messages that people receive on myvzw.com to have originated from the office of Microsoft Corporation in Redmond, Washington USA.  Other online trackers also point to Verizon Trademark Services in Arlington, Virginia as the main location of myvzw.com.  With these contradicting findings over the internet when it is looked up, many experts believe myvzw.com is indeed a type of mobile or online spamming technique.  When people encounter errors or messages related to myvzw.com, they are often advised to immediately delete the message instead of following whatever instructions it contains.  All these are aimed at protecting one’s mobile phone or device from spamming and possible information security breach.

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