What is MYKE?

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What is MYKE?

MYKE is a brand of various fertilizer and plant growth enhancing products that uses only natural ingredients. All its products are classified as non-toxic and safe to the environment. The whole product line under the MYKE brand has also gained approval and certification from the US Department of Agriculture and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

The best thing about the MYKE product line is that various products are offered for both indoor and outdoor planting. Whatever one needs for his/her potted plants or outdoor garden, he/she may find the appropriate product under the MYKE brand.  MYKE products have become popular choices among gardening enthusiasts since all products are labelled as safe and non-toxic.  There are literally no worries in terms of chemical contamination or exposure.  Children and pets will also be safe since all MYKE products contain only natural ingredients.

Most fertilizers and plant-growth enhancers under the MYKE brand contain mycorrhizal fungus.  This type of fungus is said to be beneficial to plants because it helps the root’s ability to absorb more water and nutrients.  In a simple sense, the mycorrhizal content in MYKE products will basically boost the efficiency of plant roots and therefore help in terms of better plant health and growth. With this effect, MYKE products and fertilizers are able to speed up plant growth while maintaining its optimum health.

Aside from enhancing plant growth, many MYKE products can also be used to help plants adjust to a new environment when being transplanted.  As with most gardens, many plants will be transferred from one location to another over the course of their lives.  When the transplanting is not properly done, many plants may not grow healthy or may even die.  Using MYKE products though will help reduce the so-called transplanting shock experienced by plants.  This is done through helping the roots absorb more nutrients and giving them the ability to resist root-based diseases.

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