What is Myfanbox?

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What is Myfanbox?
Myfanbox is considered by many a SPAM website and is involved with phishing activities. Many people are already annoyed with the email flooding and spamming attributed to email senders with myfanbox related email addresses.

Usually what happens is that a particular user will supposedly get a fanbox or myfanbox email message from a friend. So the unsuspecting user will usually open the email thinking that he/she is just opening a normal email. Sometimes the email content involves an invitation to view something like a picture and so asks the user to click on several links to the website. But most often than not, the user who got lured to the spamming myfanbox website will not be able to view the supposed picture from his/her friend. Instead, some questions may be asked asking him/her to “opt in” or “opt out” to be part of myfanbox or to allow the myfanbox website to sort of register his/her email address. Users may click a couple of buttons, and just by doing that, the website is able to access the users contacts list and use the email addresses to send out more bogus and spam myfanbox email invitations.

At first, many won’t notice that it’s only their friends that have been emailing them with a variety of stuff that leads to either the myfanbox website or to non-sense links. But later on the particular user may realize that more and more messages are coming in and flooding his/her inbox with messages from people he/she doesn’t know. Sometimes users notice it when their email service provider blocks their own email addresses from sending out spam messages and puts these messages on the “FAILED” or “UNSENT” folder. Upon checking this folder, users will get to see that their own email is trying to send spam messages to virtually unknown email addresses.

Users are advised not to register or click any buttons once redirected to the spam myfanbox website. Or better yet not open emails that come from unknown individuals. And if emails come with several links before getting the real message, it might be best to confirm with a friend if the email is legitimate. Some email service providers also offer some security measures and options to report spam and phishing emails.

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