What is mycoplasma?

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Mycloplasma is a type of pneumonia that is infectious. It is also referred to as “walking pneumonia”. Mycloplasma may be infectious, but it is a mild form of pneumonia and as such, patients do not need to be in a hospital just to get better. Some patients do not even know that they have this type of pneumonia.

Mycoplasma explained

Many things can cause myclopasma including viruses, bacteria, chemicals and other infectious agents.

This kind of pneumonia in most cases is a result of a lung infection that came from Mycoplasma pneumonia, a bacterial microorganism.

Those with mycoplasma at most times do not even know that they have this pneumonia and continue with their daily routines. Patients with this kind of pneumonia do not need hospitalization and bed rest.


Any person regardless of age can acquire the Mycoplasma pneumonia. Older children and adults below the age of 40 are the ones who are most prone to this medical condition.

Those who live in highly dense or overcrowded areas such as prisons, schools and shelters for the homeless are more prone to getting this medical condition since it is a contagious disease.

A person who has had contact with the liquid from either the throat or nose of someone who is suffering from mycoplasma can get the disease. Patients who are ill with this medical condition must cover their noses and mouths when sneezing or coughing to avoid contaminating others.

This medical condition normally spreads during fall and late summer season although anyone may contract mycoplasma at any given time of the year.

Those who have been exposed to mycoplasma commonly show symptoms of the disease 15 to 25 days after their exposure. The most common symptom of this disease includes sore throat, cough with little phlegm, tiredness, lingering weakness, headache and fever and chills, among others.

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