What is mxGraph?

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MxGraph is JavaScript’s tool for doing diagrams and layouts on an HTML page.  By simply encoding the JavaScript link in the HTML file, users can easily create graphs and drawings with mxGraph.   For people who need to display diagrams and graphical images onto their HTML website for example, they may use the various features of mxGraph that is integrated on the HTML page.  MxGraph is considered as very easy and simple to use because it takes advantage of the existing features and capabilities of available browsers.  With mxGraph, creating flow charts and graphs is made simple and easy.
With mxGraphs diagram capabilities and features, it is often referred to as a great solution for visualization and layouting concerns on an HTML page.  Popular browsers are also able to support the functionalities and features of mxGraph.  This JavaScript library or tool also enjoys HTML 5 support and is compatible with Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, which is installed in many of people’s personal and desktop computers.  The best thing about mxGraph is that no additional software or application plug-ins are necessary in order to create graphs, diagrams, and flowcharts onto a HTML page.  The JavaScript tools are all embedded in the HTML page and these results to easy access of mxGraph’s layouting and drawing features.
The idea behind mxGraphs revolved around the need to have layouting and visualization tools that run on HTML pages without having to install another program or software.  By simple linking mxGraph with HTML codes, the browser’s built-in layouting and/or drawing features may be instantly used.  This will then result to more work and configurations done on the client side, which is preferred over burdening the server side.  In the latter, the server will work doubly hard if it needs to deliver data and process other tasks like visualization and display of graphs.  For these specific tasks, the server is made to concentrate on data delivery while the configuration of diagrams is made available to the client side of the HTML page through the versatility of mxGraph.

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