What is MVC framework?

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MVC framework is a software framework or architecture that divides components of an application into three distinct parts but are still able to interact with each other. This kind of software architecture is applicable for user interface applications. The different components of the MVC framework are “model”, “view”, and “control”. With all these components users of a given application will able to do a specific task using the corresponding component which is actually interconnected with the other parts of the MVC framework.

The model component of the MVC framework basically represents that database and all inter-related logic and rules of the software architecture. When there are changes made by the user in terms of data, it is the model component that will update the controller and view components that changes have been made on it. The control component meanwhile enables users to make changes in a particular file or document. It is also through the controller component that commands can be made for the view aspect to change the way a particular document is presented. The view component is responsible for the display of the data components stored in the system. These three components of the MVC framework basically interact with each other in the background but perform specific tasks as directed by the user. The only thing that’s visible to the user is the software interface and his/her commands are implemented using the three basic components of the MVC software framework.

The basic functionality of the MVC framework is not restricted to having only the three basic components. This particular software framework may also be applied for large enterprises that need multiple viewing devices or multiple access to a certain database. In these cases, one display through the view component may be directed to different screens and monitors. A single database may also be accessed centrally by various users using the controller component.

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