What is Muscle Milk?

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What is Muscle Milk?
Muscle Milk is a protein supplement available in powder and ready-to-drink forms. It is a product from Cytosport promoted to bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts who want to burn fat, build more muscle, and have leaner bodies. It is intended for consumption before and after workouts and was formulated to provide muscle-growing nutrients to the body. When taken before a particular workout, this product will act as an energy booster. After workouts, the nutrients of this product will help in muscle repair and recovery.

Muscle Milk contains a blend of whey protein and cassein. The main protein content is called “evopro” or evolution-based protein which stimulates growth of muscles and helps in tissue repair. This protein contains amino acids and peptides similar to what is found on mother’s milk. It also has alpha-lactalbumin which contains many amino acids essential to the body. Bovine colostrum is also present in Muscle Milk products, and these contain lots of vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and growth enzymes. Bovine colostrum is also said to have great benefits to a person’s immune system functions.

Various whey protein products are available in the market today. But each product caters to different needs. Usually, those containing pure whey are targeted for post workouts, while protein mixes or blends are good to be consumed after exercise or before going to sleep. Muscle Milk falls in the protein mix category and is said to be ideally consumed any time of day, whether it be before a session at the gym or afterwards.

Muscle Milk comes in a wide array of flavors like vanilla, chocolate, mocha joe, and rootbeer. Fruity options come in strawberry and banana cream. Aside from the ready-to-drink milk and milk powder options, the formula for Muscle Milk is now available in snack bars and oatmeal snacks. There is even Muscle Milk Light which produces the same fat-burning and muscle-growing effects of regular Muscle Milk but with fewer calories.

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