What is Muqaddar?

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What is Muqaddar?
Muqaddar is a term used by Hindis and/or Arabs that pertain to one’s own destiny. It may be associated with the person’s specific career or his/her whole life. Many people also associate the word “muqaddar” with another term called “kismet”. Kismet also refers to one’s fate or destiny.

But to some people, muqaddar and kismet actually have two distinct meanings. It may be confusing for some but each term has its own definition. On a wider sense, both terms refer to a person’s somewhat pre-destined future. Both kismet and muqaddar encompasses the supposed fate of a particular individual. But to differentiate one from the other, some people point out that kismet is much more a result of what a person does and muqaddar pertains more to fate or destiny that is somewhat involuntary. Kismet is luck that a person gains with what he/she does in life. If a person is doing good things and creating good vibes, then his/her kismet would also attract good luck. Kismet involves some voluntary aspect in which the person involved needs to make an effort in order to get what he/she wants in life. It literally means working hard for every opportunity that comes in life to get the benefits of good luck later in life.

Muqaddar on the other hand dwells much more on some involuntary aspects of fate and destiny. These aspects involve the details in life that no person has control of and are pre-determined for each human being on earth. Aspects such as date of birth and/or death are considered pre-determined and allows no control from any human being. Because of aspects like these, a person is said to be subjected to a Divine being and must accept with whatever he/she is given. And by doing what a person intends to do with life and accepting what he/she is gifted with, this particular person could create for himself a good life in the present and in the future. Muqaddar in this context is like one’s adherence to a pre-determined path for life. And although there are things that a person cannot change or cannot control, good things will still happen if this particular person will act on what he has control with using good deeds.

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