What is Mumford and Sons?

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What is Mumford and Sons?
Mumford and Sons refer to the four-man group from West London which made their debut in December 2007. The genre of this group is mainly folk rock and from their formation to their present career in the music industry, the group has made their own name and created music that touches their audience. The group is composed of members Marcus Mumford, Ted Dwane, Country Winston and Ben Lovett.

This folk rock group is composed of these passionate young men who have combined the magic of melancholy voices with the romance and passion in their hearts. Their music are mostly inspired and created with the touch of the songs from renowned artists like Nash and Young, Stills and Crosby. The 2007 summer marked a fruitful beginning to the group as they play in the different places in London. All members of the band play various musical instruments and they initially perform their original songs in common folk nights located around the metro.

In 2008, Mumford and Sons continued to make extensive band tours to different cities around the country and even island-hopping expeditions to promote their music. They went from Thames to the Scottish highlands and in the Luminaire in London. Their first ever American tour followed suit and was actually materialized to backup fellow known singers Johnny Flynn, the Sussex Wit and Laura Marling.

The first ever debut album of the rock band was realized through the help of their producer, Markus Dravs who has also helped notable singers and bands. He saw the promising potentials of the group and agreed to take them in along with other English and European musical prodigies. The title track of the said successful album is Sigh No More on which the lyrics and romantic lines used are basically taken from a Shakespearean work of art.

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