What is MUI StartMenu application?

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The MUI StartMenu application refers to an executable file that belongs to various product groups under CyberLink. Whenever a computer is installed with a Cyber Link-labelled product like its popular DVD Suite for example, this particular file will automatically be installed in one’s computer.

CyberLink is a company based in Taiwan with a wide range of software products in digital and multimedia entertainment. Its product line include DVD playing software, video editing software, optical disck burning and authoring software, and media handling products among many others. Its DVD Suite for example usually comes pre-installed in some computer brands including those from HP, Gateway, and Samsung. Whenever these products have a CyberLink software product installed, browsing through the computer’s program files will yield the MUI StartMenu application file.

MUI StartMenu application runs as an automatic updater for the CyberLink product or software installed in one’s computer. Whenever a computer has this particular file, it will instantly run to update any existing CyberLink software through the internet. The process of updating done by this file may cause some running applications to slow down or crash. It is also usually at these times that end users will get to encounter the MUI StartMenu application or executable file. With its association to application problems, crashes, and errors, some people suspect that this particular application file may be some kind of a virus or malware. To avoid encountering problems relating to the MUI StartMenu application, one may try to uninstall the associated CyberLink software especially when this is not needed. Otherwise, it is best to have the file checked by anti-virus programs in order to protect one’s computer from possible corruption if indeed the MSU StartMenu application file is infected with a virus. For best results, one may need to consult with computer experts in terms of handling and/or deleting the MSU StartMenu application file.

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