What is Mugetsu in Bleach?

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What is Mugetsu in Bleach?

‘Mugetsu’ refers to a kind of power unleashed by Ichigo, the main character in the Japanese manga series Bleach.  Fans of this popular manga series are also baffled by what ‘mugetsu’ really means when many witnessed that the character of Ichigo made an attack move against another character named Aizen.  In the said attack, Ichigo mentioned ‘mugetsu,’ and this was also referred to as the ‘final getsuga,’ another power possessed by the main character of the series.  Many fans have also explained that ‘mugetsu’ is referred to as the final getsuga because it also resulted in a loss of some of Ichigo’s powers including the so-called Shinigami power.  By using the mugetsu power, Ichigo was shown to have defeated Aizen with a blackening effect and a powerful energy blast.  In this particular encounter, Aizen was shown to have fallen from the sky after Ichigo used his mugetsu power.

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Bleach is a manga series that tells the story of Ichigo Kurosaki who possesses various powers from a so-called Soul Reaper.  With his powers, Ichigo’s character is tasked with helping human beings that are being attacked by various spirits.  Ichigo can also help lost spirits find their way and help them rest in the world of the afterlife.  The Bleach manga series was first released back in 2001 and, to date, it has already been published with a total of 56 volumes as of September, 2012.  With the popularity of the manga comics, Bleach has also evolved into its own TV show, and this was shown in Japan from 2004 up to 2012.  The Bleach series was also turned into several films, video games, and even stage musicals because of its huge popularity in Japan.  The manga series’ popularity didn’t end in Japan, though, as it also conquered the hearts of adoring U.S. fans.  In the U.S., Bleach is also one of the most popular manga comics and anime-type TV shows.

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