What is Muay Thai?

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What is Muay Thai?
Muay Thai is also known as the popular Thai boxing. This ancient martial art is known to use stand-up striking. The martial art also uses techniques in clinch. Muay Thai is also the national sport in Thailand. The martial art is often compared to the kickboxing styles of the Indochinese, Cambodia’s pradal serey, Laos’ Muay Lao, Myanmar’s lethwei and Malaysia’s tomoi.

The term Muay Thai was derived from Sanskrit ‘“ mavya and Tai. In English, the name is translated as the ‘The Art of Eight Limbs’ and sometimes called ‘The Science of Eight Limbs’. It was called such, due to its use of punches, kicks, elbows, and knees when striking. The striking methods use the eight points of contact.

Ancient Thailand’s fearless fighters use Muay Thai as an art of self-defense. The martial art is already tested in ancient battle as well as the modern form of self-defense. Muay Thai is known all around the world. In fact, the United States Navy SEALS take Muay Thai trainings. Thailand’s military are also practicing this deadly ancient martial art. It was also believed that the CIA is utilizing the martial arts for their agents’ advantage.
It is distinctive that Muay Thai practitioners do not earn title belts. The martial art does not have belts to acknowledge a student’s progress or skills improvement. Instead, students earn respect in actual ring battles. Actual ring battles test how a Muay Thai practitioner improved. Being the champion is the only goal of Muay Thai fighters, it is the recognition that they are after and not any title belts.

Muay Thai has a different approach in fighting. It does not focus more on clinching although it has a clinch where, an opponent’s neck is locked and pushed down. The focus of Muay Thai is to utilize well the crushing kicks, punches, elbows and knee strikes. Elbows are not considered as a strong strike but it is utilized to bring damage to an opponent’s eyebrows or forehead. Blood dripping from the eyebrow or forehead down to the eyes may cause a handicap to an opponent.

Muay Thai is considered deadly as such any other martial arts. Practitioners are practicing to improve their strength that can take an opponent down in just one blow. It may be a kick or a single punch that can bring an opponent to a knockout. Practitioners are also in danger of being killed due to a hard blow to the head or accumulated hits to the body.

Grappling is not much developed or used in practicing Muay Thai. It is for the reason that it is used in actual battles where several opponents are attacking. Opponents are not just bare handed but most are equipped with swords and other sharp and pointed deadly weapons. Instead of learning grappling, Muay Thai fighters focuses more on handling swords, sticks, spears, and other weapons. Moreover, fighters practices on how to defend against such attacks. Muay Thai has also evolved as time passes by. It has already incorporated additional moves and utilized a more scientific approach when striking and moving.

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