What is MTG type?

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What is MTG type?

MTG type refers to the card type or deck type in the popular trading card game called MTG or Magic: The Gathering. This particular card game was first introduced back in 1993 and boasts of more than 10 million players as of 2011.  One thing that made the game very popular is that it can be played online or through several stand-alone applications and programs.  The basic concept of the MTG card game involves wizards that casts spells and use several creatures to battle opponents.

In terms of card type, it is said that each MTG card is also composed of at least one type. Some card may also have subtype or supertypes and each may be categorized on whether they are permanent or nonpermanent cards.  Basic MTG card types include artifact cards, creature cards, enchantment cards, land cards, and sorcery cards among many others.  These card types have different characteristics and may share some details with other cards. The creature cards for example may represent elves, cats, or dragons.  This type of MTG card may be used for attacking or blocking an opponent. Enchantment type of MTG cards meanwhile may have an Aura subtype and they are classified as permanent cards.

MTG type may also be in the form of decks.  Playing Magic: The Gathering also requires that each player will present his/her own card deck. In most tournament formats, each player may play with a minimum of 60 cards per deck.  There major MTG types in terms of the deck of cards include Aggro, Control, and Combo cards.  Aggro cards are the so-called aggressive cards wherein the owner may reduce his/her opponent’s life from 20 to 0.  The basic point of playing Aggro cards is to cause damage early in the game.  Control card types meanwhile are used to literally slow the game pace.  For control cards, slower pacing may mean greater power for the cards.  Combo card types meanwhile make use of two or more cards to have a joint effect in the game.

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