What is MSSA?

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MSSA refers to methicillin sensitive staphylococcus aureus.  Staphylococcus aureus is a type of bacteria that can commonly be found in the skin or inside the respiratory passage. This particular bacterium is typically classified as methicillin sensitive or methicillin resistant.  If the classification is MSSA, then it simply indicates that the bacterium in question is sensitive or reacts to the antibiotic drug called methicillin.  On the other hand, Staphylococcus bacterium that is resistant to methicillin treatment is called MRSA.

The presence of staphylococcus aureus may cause infection to many parts of the body.  Some will not present any symptoms while in other parts, the presence of this type of bacterium can lead to severe medical concerns. Whenever infection from this organism is suspected, the experts would typically try to find out if the infecting agent is either methicillin sensitive or resistant. This part of the management process is important since being resistant to methicillin also means that the infection may not respond to powerful antibiotics.  Being classified as MSSA does not necessarily mean though that the infected person is free from danger.  In fact, even MSSA may also lead to severe symptoms and may also be unresponsive to highly potent antibiotics.

For health professionals, MRSA may be considered more dangerous but people with MSSA infection should also take caution and seek medical help early. Both cases involve an infection and should be managed right from the onset of symptoms in order to have a better prognosis.  Prevention of MSSA infection should also be the first defense against it because S. aureus is a commonly spread bacterium.  Simple skin contact can even transfer the bacteria from one person to another.  Those with cuts and bruises are highly susceptible in contracting the bacteria and people who have immune system problems and those who are already sick also have a high tendency to get infected with MSSA.

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