What is MSBuild?

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MSBuild or Microsoft Build is a software platform intended to for automation of the build process involved in developing software.  This so-called build platform is designed to work hand in hand with Visual Studio, Microsoft’s main platform for software creation and development. The best thing about build is that it allows expert developers to create and develop software in computer terminals where Visual Studio is not available.  With this kind of flexibility and functionality, MSBuild serves as support for software developers in terms of their main Visual Studio projects.

Through MSBuild, software developers are able to automate the compilation of source codes.  In a typical programming or software project, the source codes typically run very long and complicated making it necessary to compile them.  With MSBuild, compilation of these software source codes is made easy and more efficient.  It is also through MSBuild that packaging and testing of a software project can be done.  All programmers need a platform for software packaging and testing and they can easily do this crucial part with the help of MSBuild. Documentation can also be done on MSBuild.  This part of the software development process is also important in the sense that all steps and concerns are recorded for a more efficient project.  It is also through documentation that release notes are indicated for each software product.  These notes not only provide details of a particular software project but may well be used to give out tips and important information about the whole project.  The software development process is then completed through the deployment features of MSBUild.

Using MSBuild provides various advantages to programmers and software developers.  The first benefit that should come to mind is a better product or project.  With all steps automated and documented, it will only ensure that processes are reviewed and tested each step of the way.  Automation of the build platform through MSBuild also makes the process faster and possibly eliminates some errors and redundancy.

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