What is MRC?

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MRC or memory reference code is part of a computer’s BIOS system which helps various computer parts interact and function effectively. The computer’s BIOS or basic input/output system is responsible for the overall running of computer parts including hardware and software. Through the BIOS, computer drives, disks, and chips able to effectively communicate with the CPU or central processing unit. The MRC is part of this system and it is activated at the time of boot-up or computer start-up.

As part of Intel-made motherboards and processing chips, MRC or memory reference code helps ensures that the computer’s RAM or random access memory is functioning efficiently. RAM is considered the running or virtual memory of the computer and it is needed in loading applications and programs during the computer start-up process. Through the function of the MRC, the specifications on how RAM will be used will be laid out. More importantly, at the POST process stage of turning on the computer, the MRC or memory reference code will be activated to initialize the RAM. This part of the start-up process is essential during the start-up period because it will dictate if the loading of the operating system and other applications will run smoothly.

Aside from the initialization phase, the MRC or memory reference code is also an integral part in the computer BIOS in the form of validation of memory configurations, settings, timing, and other memory-related control functions. In order to understand how the MRC works, a person must know basic C language as MRC is written in this language. As new features or enhancements are added to the computer’s processing needs and to the BIOS itself, updates may also be made on the MRC. With variations in terms of memory control technology, there may be cases that other memory initialization tools may be used other than MRC. For Intel-based motherboards, one may just need to get the updated version of MRC in order to get the enhancements for better memory initialization during computer start-up.

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